Water Slide Rentals

Water Slide Rentals can be a great addition to your next event. They are a hit with kids and adults of any age, especially during a hot summer’s day in the suburbs or city. Water slides combine bounce house fun with water activities. You can set them on a grassy surface, by the pool, or any flat surface to enjoy hours of wet summer fun. We offer different types of slides, such as Double Lane Waterslides Single Lane Waterslides or Slip n Slides. All slides will be delivered to you cleaned, sanitized and fully insured.

Wild Wave Water Slide 19′ is a big hit at backyard parties and events. This waterslide is equipped with two side by side slide tracks and an inflated pool for splashing into at the end. The water-colored vinyl will grab your attention from blocks away, To know about more: https://inflatablerentalpros.com/rentals/water-slides/

The 15″ Tidal Wave Water Slide has two thrilling slide lanes and a large inflated floatie pool at the end to splash into. This waterslide includes 2 thrilling slide lane and a large, inflated floatie-pool at the end.

Dual Lane Slip n Slide allows for full-speed sliding, and you can compete with your friends by seeing who can reach the end first. The top of slide pours water continuously onto the wet surface to keep you as fast as possible.

Rent a blow up water slide for your next birthday party, school or church event in the city, suburbs or any place you can imagine. You can also rent a combo which is basically an upgraded bounce house with an inflatable slide added. These are great for those who want the standard bouncing but would like to add in some extra action.

Leaping to Fun is a party rental company that offers a variety of rentals and add-ons. This includes dunk pools, rock climbing walls inflatables and mechanical bulls. All rentals are delivered to you clean and sanitized. They are also insured. Our staff can help find the perfect mix to make your event a hit. All you need to do is provide a location within 100ft of a water source and power source along with a flat area for setup. We will drop off the rental item(s) the evening before your scheduled rental start date and pick up the morning of your rental start date.

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