True Lawyer is expanding services in the Chicago area to meet growing demand

Report and register a trademark with the help of experienced trademark attorneys in Chicago

The renowned Chicago copyright attorneys and trademark attorneys at True Lawyer have announced they are expanding their presence in the Chicagoland area to meet growing demand for their services. Chicago’s leading trademark law firm aims to help more entrepreneurs understand the importance of trademark and copyright registration and what it can do for the business owner and their organization. With the growing demand the nation is experiencing for trademark and copyright services, True Lawyer aims to help entrepreneurs fully secure their brands, business and vision.

True Lawyer is a law firm based in Chicago, IL

“Trademark registration gives a company ownership of its logo or brand name,” said Shymane Robinson, partner and founder of True Lawyer. “It also protects against unauthorized use of the same by third parties. Most companies are built from scratch and some of them lack copyrights and trademarks. And when someone takes their name or logo, all that hard work is for nothing. We encourage all businesses to make trademark registration an integral part of their business development. They have exclusive and full rights to use the mark for anything they want.”

True Lawyer believes that every company should be treated like the next billion dollar company. Just because it’s treated that way doesn’t mean the customer fees are the same. True Lawyer’s prices are said to be reasonable with a flat fee to ease the company’s budget a bit. Most business owners are often given a ton of information, things essential to building a brand, strategies for generating revenue, building a website, creating a marketing plan, and creating funnels to stream traffic. A key point that is often overlooked, however, is trademarks and copyrights, a crucial aspect of any business venture.

No matter what the niche may be, True Lawyer has a branding package that fits the business needs. There are two packages: Essential and Billion Dollar Brand, which can be purchased with four interest-free payments. True Lawyer has experienced attorneys and trademark specialists who are uniquely tailored to their clients’ areas of expertise and work closely with all of their clients. “True Lawyer’s Chicago copyright attorneys conduct a comprehensive search and give the go-ahead for filing and registration of trademarks,” continued Attorney Shymane Robinson. “If the mark is not approved for any reason, the company will submit a new mark free of charge. Our lawyers accompany our clients until they become the owners of their brand, logo or name. We’ve been searching brands across the US for several years. We understand the industry like no other.”

About True Lawyer

True Lawyer is a law firm based in Chicago, IL providing specialty trademark and copyright services to business owners. The Firm is licensed to practice real estate law in the State of Illinois. The team consists of qualified and experienced trademark and copyright attorneys in Chicago.



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