Trigger Cappers Are Easy To Use And Provide A Variety Of Benefits

TORQ Packaging USA is the best choice for a trigger capper. The company offers a variety of models including trigger caps, inline fillers and the rinsing device. Its Trigger Capping heads complete the multi-step closure procedure for spray bottles and pump containers. The trigger caps of TORQ are easy to use, require no training, and are easy to maintain.

The Z6 Trigger Capper features an automatic feeding system for cosmetic pumps and triggers. The servo drive allows for full control over the capping process and facilitates fast machine changeovers for various kinds of packaging. You can also modify the features. You can customize the trigger capper to fit the specific needs of your packaging. If you’re unsure which design you need, consider purchasing an experimental model to test it out for yourself.

This trigger capper comes with an in-built transporter that holds caps in place. It also has a side capper with rollers which improves efficiency. The servo motor will tighten and release the cap in accordance with the preset torque. Trigger cappers are an excellent option for small-scale operations. They deliver the same accuracy as the more expensive models however, they require less training and less maintenance.

Automatic trigger cappers are suitable for medium-to-high-volume production. They can also seal pump caps and spray caps. Some of these machines even come with servo drives, which allow you to modify the format and provide complete control over the capping process. Accutek provides a trigger capper for low- and medium-volume production. A single-head trigger can produce 400 pieces per hour. Dual-head models can securely close bottles.

Automatic trigger capping machines can be upgraded with features like Vanguard Chuck for more ergonomics. This machine also has calibration that is measured by torque. Trigger capping machines that incorporate defect rejection systems are also more flexible. With an easy switchover time of just 20 minutes, the ALANTRA Automatic Air Pump and Trigger Nozzle Capping Machine allows you to maximize productivity. It also includes the SECOMA SiteManager1139 modem which allows remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Another kind of automatic trigger capper is the PumpCap(tm) spinle capper. This machine can tighten all types of pump caps, including lotion, mist spray and foam dispenser pumps. The machine’s powerful torque can tighten any type of cap. Most bottle cappers aren’t able to handle caps for pumps. This capper will ensure your product is consistent and efficient. If you must tightly cap a trigger spray bottle, you won’t have to worry about leaks again.

The Trigger Capper is the perfect choice for capping small quantities of bottles or hundreds of bottles. Its powerful servo controller and twin grip belts can be fitted to any bottle with no spillage. The capping process is continuous, eliminating any production loss. Your customers will be impressed by your work due to top-quality, reliable construction and advanced technology. Contact us today to receive a free quote.

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