This Guideline Will Help Decide Whether You Should See A Specialist In Pain For A Diagnosis

Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants, Inc. The definition of Chronic Pain varies and is often characterized by pain that lasts for longer than normal tissue healing. This type of pain could be caused by an underlying medical condition, injury, or inflammation. The exact number of people who suffer from chronic pain is hard to determine, but the 1999-2002 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that 14.6% of adults were experiencing chronic pain. To determine the root cause and treatment options for pain, talk to your physician.

Patients suffering from chronic pain may find non-pharmacologic solutions. Exercise therapy is one such treatment. It can help reduce pain and improve function right away. Research has shown that patients who participate in exercise therapy experience a decrease in pain and improvement in performance in a matter of weeks. Exercise therapy can also improve the quality of life of a patient and function for up to six months. Nonpharmacologic treatments include counseling and social support.

The CDC has released guidelines to help doctors select the right opioids for chronic pain. The guidelines should be utilized in conjunction with other options for treating pain. Experts agree that opioid therapy should be used only in conjunction with other pain management strategies. The guidelines were developed on the basis of a an extensive review of the evidence available and input from experts. A federal advisory committee also looked over the recommendations to ensure that they are appropriate for each individual. These guidelines are an important improvement in the management of pain. If you’re in discomfort, ensure your doctor knows about it. They can assist you in determining the best treatment for your pain situation.

Nonopioid pharmaceutical treatments are a popular choice for treating chronic pain. Some types of NSAIDs such as Acetaminophen, can be effective in treating lower back pain and arthritis however, they come with risky side effects. The risks increase with higher doses and longer usage of the medication. These risks include cardiovascular and renal complications. However, the FDA has recently strengthened existing warnings on the label for these drugs.


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