Slabjacking Is Less Expensive, Faster and More Convenient Than Replacement

You may be tempted, if your concrete slab, whether it’s a driveway, patio or sidewalk, to try and level it yourself. This is a task that requires professional slabjacking. If you do this yourself, you may damage the concrete. You will then have to replace it. Slabjacking is less expensive, faster and more convenient than replacement.

Sunken Sidewalk Repair

A sinking pavement can be a hazard to pedestrians as it creates a pool of water on the surface. In many places, it’s a violation of the local laws. Our concrete experts can use PolyLevel in order to raise the sunken portion of Sidewalk Repair , and restore an even, safe walkway at your home or place of business.


Some people try to fix sunken concrete by themselves. They dig holes and pour mud under the slab. This is an ineffective solution, and it’s not recommended for concrete used to support weight like basement and garage floors. It could crack the slab or even break it, and it does not address the underlying problems. It’s a messy procedure that can be hard to clean.

Concrete Leveling

A professional slabjacker will drill small holes into the concrete and inject a foam that lifts the slab back to its original position. This process can be completed in just a few short hours. Most residential or commercial concrete slabs will be ready to use immediately after the process.

Professionals use polyurethane leveling concrete, which is a lightweight material. It expands when it hardens. It is more effective than mud-jacking, and it has a larger working window. It’s also more environmentally friendly.

Polyurethane, unlike traditional concrete, does not contain cement. The foam material stabilises and elevates the slabs, preventing them from sinking. This makes the solution long-lasting.

Self-leveling cement compounds are an alternative DIY option for raising the concrete. These products can crack or chip away in harsh conditions, so they are not suitable for exterior cement. They only have a small working window, and don’t actually lift concrete. Instead, they sit on top.

DIY Concrete Leveling Mistakes

Some homeowners try to cut costs by leveling concrete themselves. They often make mistakes, which lead to additional costs and inconveniences. If, for example, they try to lift their slabs by adding soil underneath, the concrete continues to shift and settle.

Other common mistakes include using the wrong product for the job, drilling into rebar and other obstructions, and improperly mixing the concrete. The most common DIY mistake, though, is trying to lift a slab with a bottle jack. These DIY fixes are dangerous and can damage the concrete. They also make it difficult to level the slab later.

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