Portland Tax Attorney, Dale R. Kennedy JD, CPA celebrates 30 years with Kennedy Tax Solutions

Dale Kennedy celebrates 30 years as a Certified Public Accountant and Tax Attorney in Portland, Oregon. He is the CEO and Founder of Kennedy Tax Solutions, which operates in 7 western states.

The Kennedy Tax Solutions team is led by a senior tax attorney Dale R. Kennedy JD, Chartered Accountant. Dale Kennedy is both a Chartered Accountant and a highly experienced tax attorney who has been helping clients solve their most troubling tax problems for the last 30 years.

Kennedy tax solutions Provides tax resolution in Portland, Oregon specializing in:

Tax Relief – For tax revenue from the Federal Tax Agency and local State Department
Tax Settlement – ​​Negotiating and preparing settlements with the tax authority
Tax Complaints – Federal (IRS) and State levels
Unfiled tax returns
Tax Audit Defense
tax collection defense

Dale R. Kennedy JD, Chartered Accountant

Dale Kennedy’s experience gives him the ability to develop solutions to some of the most complex tax problems. Kennedy Tax Solutions offers a same-day tax consultation with the lead tax attorney. In fact, Dale Kennedy says it only takes him 15 minutes with a client over the phone to understand the situation and have the solution in mind! Same day appointments and Dale Kennedy’s experience allow tax issues to find the best solution in the shortest amount of time, saving them many sleepless nights. When you call Kennedy Tax Solutions, Dale Kennedy will personally take care of your tax problem!

Tax resolution is a highly competitive field made up primarily of individual attorneys and CPAs who deal with tax disputes. You handle tax matters part-time, but not full-time. Some of the tax firms that offer tax relief are licensed practitioners such as registered agents, CPAs, or attorneys, or sometimes a mix of both.

The large national tax relief firms hire a registered agent to represent the client, but the client has no control over who that agent will be and has no idea what skills that person has.

Dale Kennedy explained:

“I AM TAX ATTORNEY AND LICENSED CPA. – Few in this industry have my licensing and experience.”

He went on to share his competitive edge in the tax resolution space:

“By AM both an accountant and a lawyer, I have a more thorough understanding of tax issues and can more effectively achieve the solution my client needs. I have more training and a wider range of tools in my toolbox to find the ideal solution to your tax problem.”

“As an experienced lawyer, I will be your advocate and will zealously defend your interests. I have been involved in all types of tax matters, including appeals, tax courts and administrative hearings, advocating for clients. This includes the basics of legal disputes that lead to a favorable outcome for my clients. I understand tax laws and tax procedures and know how to apply them to the greatest benefit for my clients. I understand the law, applying it to the advantage of my clients while protecting their right to a fair and balanced solution to their tax issue.”

“As a licensed chartered accountant and accountant, I have handled everything an accountant needs to do in relation to the IRS and state tax authorities for more than 30 years. I understand numbers and how to count them to your best advantage.”

About Kennedy Tax Solutions

Kennedy Tax Solutions has been serving clients for over 30 years. Helping clients resolve their state and IRS tax issues. Kennedy Tax Solutions operates in seven western states including Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. While the primary focus of this tax relief agency is in these 7 states, the firm is authorized to practice federal tax law in all 50 US states and, if necessary, can take a client’s case all the way to the US Supreme Court.

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