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Packing Services Inc., a leader in local packing and shipping services, explains the importance of custom crates for domestic and overseas shipping. The renowned Packing and crating company has been in the industry for more than twenty years. During these many years of packing, moving and shipping, PSI has worked with reputable brands, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. This extensive experience has led them to believe that packing and crating are the most important steps in shipping. Customers are often satisfied when they see that the goods arrive at their destination intact. So, here are a few pointers to the meaning of crate services.

Packing Service Inc – Custom Crates

Wooden crates are by far the safest means of transport. From furniture to machinery and equipment to spare parts, high-end manufacturing companies prefer wooden crates to transport their goods. The plastic film on the top serves as an extra layer of protection. Plastic wrap can also be made with shrink wrap or stretch wrap, and the type of packaging depends on the product or situation. The packers and shippers of the PSI use the most suitable packaging as required.

Shrink wrap provides a flexible barrier and keeps moisture in the crate. This type of packaging is used when customers need to pack the goods in their original boxes. Stretch film, on the other hand, is used to compress packaging to reduce space in the container. Stretch wrap prevents excessive movement of the crate and shrink wrap protects the crate from damage.

PSI, the custom packaging and crating company, has a professional team that uses proper packaging methods to transport the most delicate items to the heaviest. National or international, the packers and loaders design custom wooden crates on site to protect the fragile and oversized items during shipment. Custom boxes can be built for each individual item or multiple items, and sizes can be tailored to the size and weight of the item.

PSI advises that choosing a professional packing and crating company is important in order to ship the goods as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. While there are pre-made crates available in the industry, they are not as convenient as custom crates. There are many things to consider when designing a custom crate. Custom packaging is believed to come with a high price tag. But these packers and loaders have been doing this for years and believe that custom crates are as affordable as any other packaging method. The key to a successful shipping process is in the packaging, and PSI can guarantee that.

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