Excellence Janitorial Services launches a free peel and wax cost calculator

The tool can be used to estimate the cost of waxing floors and includes huge savings for interested parties

Amado Carias, the owner of Excellence Janitorial Services, is pleased to announce a Free Strip and Wax Cost Calculator. EJS is known for its reliable janitorial services, office cleaning services and warehouse cleaning services. The tool can be used to estimate the cost of waxing floors and also comes with a fairly attractive discount for those interested in having the work done by a professional cleaning company.

Honing and waxing is a very important part of floor care and requires finesse and in-depth expertise to get the job done right. The first thing everyone wants to do is determine what budget is needed for this type of service. The main factors affecting pricing are area size and soil type. The cleaning tasks and techniques differ from a normal floor to a heavily soiled floor. If the floor is heavily soiled or damaged from frequent foot traffic, cleaners may need more time and large amounts of liquid and solution to remove the old layers of wax.

Excellent janitorial services

The next influencing factor is the place of work. Does the room contain equipment that needs to be moved? The size of the equipment and the difficulty of getting to the site are some factors that can result in additional travel and labor costs. Last but not least, the type of service that is required.

A traditional strip and wax application may involve stripping the old coat and scrubbing the floor with abrasive cleaners, followed by reapplying coats of wax. Some more complex work may require the application of a special sealer that needs to be applied as the last coat.

Excellence Janitorial Services now offers the Free Strips and Wax Cost Calculator that takes all of these factors into account and provides a cost estimate along with a super nice discount. For business owners who feel their floors are looking dull, old and lackluster, this tool is a game changer as they can start planning and budgeting for this service in advance and also rest assured of saving money ( at least $400). in savings, which are enormous).

EJS is here to make those floors shine with our world-class stripping and waxing services. The company has helped business owners, commercial establishments and national contractors transform their floors.

For a complete list of the services offered by Excellence Janitorial Services go to click here. Some of their cleaning services include office cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, floor waxing services, Professional warehouse cleaningrestaurant cleaning services and construction cleaning services.

Excellence Janitorial Services has a 5-star Google rating and also works with some of the largest employers in Pennsylvania, which is a great signal of their reliability and quality of service.

To learn more, visit https://excellencejanitorialservices.com/

About Excellence Janitorial Services

Excellent janitorial services was founded in 2014 by Amado Carias. The company provides one-time cleaning services as well as routine cleaning services for offices, warehouses, restaurants, small businesses, corporate and commercial facilities.



Excellent janitorial services

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Excellent janitorial services

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