Before Renting A Bouncehouse Ensure It Is The Right Size For Your Space

If you’re in search of bounce houses for rent in the San Diego area, you are in luck. There are several companies in the region that specialize in renting bounce houses. There are various sizes that include obstacles courses, bungee runs, and characters inflatables. You can choose between an enormous slide or a shorter one in accordance with the theme of your event. You can even purchase a bounce house with climbing walls for more adventurous jumpers.

To ensure that your inflatables remain inflating, you’ll need an electric outlet to provide power to the blower. An extension cord can be used to draw power from another structure if you don’t have. Renting a generator is recommended for those who plan to rent bounce houses in remote locations. Before you let your children play with an inflatable toy, be sure to read all the instructions.

Bounce House Rentals in Waxahachie, TX are relatively inexpensive and can be an enjoyable way to add some fun to a gathering. Be sure to inquire about any insurance policies and other aspects to ensure you’re protected. Bounce house rentals should be insured for residential use only and not commercial use. To avoid flooding, inflatables that have been wet shouldn’t be left outside after dark falls. Also, don’t forget ask about the bounce house’s safety if you’re renting for overnight.

Also, ensure that the area is level. A slight slope could cause the inflatables to tip over. You should also examine the terrain, since bounce houses are meant to be durable, but they’re not impenetrable. The majority of bounce house rental companies will place their inflatable bouncers on grass or asphalt. A grass area is the best, but make sure you leave enough space around the bounce house to allow a safe bounce.

Prices for renting bounce houses depend on the size and features. A basic residential bounce house could cost between $100 and $200. However, more elaborate bounce houses could cost as much as $1,000. Other aspects aside from price must be considered, including the quality of the inflatable. A bounce house rental that is more expensive will typically include additional services like delivery of the inflatable, setting-up, and taking it down. You should confirm the insurance coverage of the company prior to renting a bounce house. Some bounce houses are not insured.

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