Announced patient lift systems and cabin product lines from Lorton Group, Chicago’s leading manufacturer of hospital curtains

The Lorton Group announced state-of-the-art patient lift systems and their highly anticipated cabin product lines. The new curtains solve many of the problems associated with traditional options.

Lorton group approved its new patient lift system and cabin line of medical curtains earlier this week. The brand is best known for its high-quality hospital curtain rails, or medical curtain rails as they are known. For that reason, this is a significant announcement for many in the medical industry. Though the brand hasn’t released exact numbers, it said the new patient lift system became an instant hit.

The Lorton Group produces high quality privacy curtains for the medical industry.

The newly launched, upgraded patient lift system curtains and cabin curtains are designed to work seamlessly with all existing systems, according to the company. Most current systems have a linear patient ceiling lift that the company will work with seamlessly. Most systems are wall mounted with no vertical support.

If the medical facility deems vertical support necessary, the curtains can be placed in areas that will not interfere with the lifter. The patient lift privacy screen system is said to be handcrafted in the United States, with each manufactured based on the individual needs of the customer. The resulting hospital curtain is not only easy to install, but guarantees privacy for patients and everyone who visits them. In addition, the patient privacy system comes with C-type curtains.

One of the most important and common problems with regular medical curtain tracks is that they get stuck. Over time, the track can become a source of frustration for anyone who wants to use it, not to mention they can get noisy too. Recognizing that traditional splints were a significant problem that facility managers often had to deal with, the Lorton Group set out to create something that would eliminate the problem. The patient lift system and cabin product lines are the result of innovations in the hospital and medical industries.

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“Our new patient lift system is the result of hard work, lots of testing, research and fine tuning. As professionals with a reputation for finding innovative solutions, what seemed a slightly simple challenge turned out to be much more challenging. But we also wanted to build a system that could be used anywhere and didn’t require any special equipment. Our patient lift system curtains use the PRVC system, which is more effective than traditional car rail hooks. The system has a one-size-fits-all curtain panel and does not require a mesh. The curtains are made from traditional disposable fabric or shower curtain material. We are offering our customers a whole range of new fabric options.” Said a representative of the Lorton Group.

she added “The other goal for us was to make the system affordable and durable. The resulting product lines for patient lift systems and cabins can be used by almost any medical facility regardless of their budget. In addition, it offers a far better privacy experience compared to traditional curtains.”

About the Lorton Group

The Lorton Group produces high quality privacy curtains for the medical industry. The brand’s patented shower curtain is designed for faster changes; They last a long time and are relatively easy to care for. The new and improved design eliminates curtain snagging and is virtually silent. The designs are portable, so almost any room can be transformed into a private booth for treatments or consultations.



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