Advantage Of IBC Totes Mixer

An IBC cap mixer is a cost-effective way to mix liquids that resemble water into standard IBC totes. This mixer makes use of a cyclonic design of the fill head to ensure the highest dust control. The patented cone valve eliminates poor flow problems and segregation. The stainless steel IBC container incorporates the cone valve to ensure that the liquid inside the IBC is uniform. It is also designed to minimize dust while promoting proper material flow.

Pulsair Systems is the leading manufacturer of air-powered IBC tote mixers. How to Assemble IBC Cap Mixer These IBC tote mixers are designed to be used with all kinds of liquid food products. They are safe and easy to use in any environment. They can be used in all kinds of tote sizes, from plastic lined ones to 300 gallon totes.

The Totemaster IBC mixer can be used to mix large quantities of ingredients. It can mix at a variety of speeds. The mixer supports totes that are up to 60 inches in width and has an adjustable bridge. It is constructed of lightweight stainless steel and comes with a fork lift lifting eye and quick action toggle clamps to allow hoist lifting. It has overload relays as well as the 4-pin plug that is 16 amps. It is equipped with a floor-locator to ensure that the IBC is located directly under the fill head. It also includes a flow control valve and an muffler. It is sealed for life. It has either a single or two impellers made of stainless steel 316. The impellers that fold are able to pass through the 6″ NPT opening on most standard IBC totes. The shaft is constructed of 316 stainless steel and the motor is TEFC. The TEFC motor is fan-cooled and completely enclosed. It is available in a variety of voltages, phases and is available in a variety of sizes. It is a fantastic choice for mixing 275 gallon HDPE IBC totes.

The multi-faceted, air-driven Even Mix(tm), IBC tote mixer can be utilized in a variety applications. It can be positioned through either the top of the tote or through the IBC lid’s opening. It is made to blend liquids and powders of various viscosities. It is able to mix liquids with a light viscosity and dry ingredients. It has a motor which can operate at a speed of 220-RPM and 60 PSI. It is able to be connected with multiple Even Mix(tm) IBC tote mix stations that have a single motor. The speed of mixing can be controlled by the operator.

Cary Company has a wide assortment of IBC tote mixers. They include a tote clamp and a collapsible turbine. These models are designed to mix in rectangular and square containers. They are also ideal for 330 and 275 gallon IBC totes. They have been specially designed for use with plastic lined containers, and are suitable for mixing in containers that have cages around them.

Mixing totes may also be made using other mixer designs. They are based on the size of the tote and type. They are typically designed to be mixed into smaller containers. To determine the best type for you, it is important to indicate the container’s size.

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